Turpal pallet is a standard size pallet, the standards of which are determined by the Turpal (Standard Pallet) Association, which was established on 22.05.2019, the quality of the produced domestic pallets is guaranteed by the TSE, and each manufacturer is given a separate license code.
Turpal pallets are 60x80 and 80x120 cm in size, one of the most used pallets of the companies supplying chain markets all over Turkey, whose standards have been determined.
Alor Orman Ürünleri has the original TURPAL pallet production license and is the only manufacturer that carries out the chain market pallet loop system, production and logistics activities in this process. As Alor Orman Ürünleri, we bring together all our customers with quality at the most affordable prices in pallet types. We guarantee our service in line with the needs of our customers before and after sales. As a company that has adopted timely and fast delivery as a principle, you can contact Alor Orman Ürünleri for your pallet needs.

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