Euro Pallet (EPAL wooden pallet) is a durable, versatile and environmentally sustainable pallet type whose quality and standards have been accepted in major European countries and many parts of the world. EPAL wooden pallets are one of the most important means of transport in international trade. As a licensed manufacturer, we supply the highest quality products in the quantity you want with our ultra-modern, fully automated production facilities. The most important feature of Euro Pallet is that it is environmentally friendly, and because it can be used repeatedly and repaired, its cost is also low. Since being a standard allows it to be used everywhere and in every sector, it can be collected and offered for sale again at a cheaper price. As Alor Orman Ürünleri, we bring together all our customers with quality at the most affordable prices in pallet types. We guarantee our service in line with the needs of our customers before and after sales. As a company that has adopted timely and fast delivery as a principle, you can contact Alor Orman Ürünleri for your pallet needs.

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