Hardwoods are generally obtained from broad-leaved trees grown in temperate climates. Accordingly, when we look at the varieties of these trees, they are walnut, birch, elm, oak, maple, linden and ash. There are also different growing areas of hardwood, these are called tropical. These trees are also used for interior decoration, especially during the making of musical instruments and in homes. These trees are more valuable because they are generally used for fine work. The main reason why tropical timbers are used in this area is that they hold polish very well and can be processed more easily. Its veins are more beautiful and elegant, and it is known to be much more valuable than construction timber. Non-tropical timbers are mostly preferred in furniture and joinery operations. The fact that they have few splinters causes them to bend and twist easily. As Alor Orman Ürünleri, we bring together all our customers with quality at the most affordable prices in hard and soft timber varieties. We guarantee our service in line with the needs of our customers before and after sales. As a company that has adopted timely and fast delivery as a principle, you can contact Alor Orman Ürünleri for your timber needs.



Beech wood is a very durable and scratch resistant wood. The white heartwood color of the tree turns light pink after steaming. It is one of the most used wood species in the furniture industry. It is widely used in chair and sofa frames due to its durability.

In our company, all quality classes of beech timber, from first class to fourth class quality, are available in various lengths as 5, 6, 8 and 10. In addition, beech timber with the edge removed, which is called prism, is also among our products.

Quality ClassThickness
1. Class Beech Timber5cm - 6cm - 8cm - 10cm
2. Class Beech Timber5cm - 6cm - 8cm - 10cm
3. Class Beech Timber5cm - 6cm - 8cm - 10cm
4. Class Beech Timber6cm - 8cm


The sapwood is reddish white and the heartwood is reddish brown. It is durable and durable due to its hard texture. Processing properties change in relation to growing conditions and moisture content. It can be processed in hand tools and machines. It has a very good turning feature. It is made much more durable and long-lasting by steaming. It is easy to stick, color can be given, it accepts polish very well.

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